Duplex Upper Bunk Bed | BB004WT


Duplex Upper Bunk Bed | BB004WT


Model NoBB004WT
SizeUpper – 78″(L) x 60″(D) (78″ with stairs) x 90″(H)
Paint TypePowder Coated
Available ColorBlack, White, Blue, Red, Grey, Orange
Delivery Time10 Days
ManufactureSMM Furniture Ltd
DeliveryFree Inside Dhaka City
MattressExcludes price of mattress
Product UnitPrice Per pcs
NotePrice Excludes sofa and table
Weight limitAbove 200 kg


Duplex Upper Bunk Bed


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Maximize space and comfort with the Duplex Upper Bunk Bed. Built with safety in mind, this sturdy and versatile bunk bed is perfect for shared rooms, providing safe and fun sleeping while optimizing floor space. Enjoy additional storage options and cost-effective solutions with this playful and functional addition to your home.

Space-saving Design: The duplex upper bunk bed is designed to maximize floor space, making it an ideal solution for small bedrooms or shared spaces.

Sturdy Construction: This bunk bed is made of high-quality materials, ensuring a stable and durable structure for safe use.

Upper Bunk: The upper bunk is located above the lower bunk, providing a comfortable and safe sleeping space.

Safety Rail: The upper bunk is equipped with safety rails on all sides to prevent accidental falls, ensuring the safety of the sleeper.

Ladder or ladder: The bed may come with a ladder or ladder, allowing easy access to the upper bunk.

Under-Bed Space: Some models offer under-bed space in the lower bunk, providing additional storage options or the possibility of adding a trundle bed.


Space Optimization: The Duplex Upper Bunk Bed optimizes vertical space, leaving more floor space for other furniture or activities.

Ideal for Shared Rooms: This bunk bed is perfect for siblings or shared bedrooms, providing separate sleeping areas without compromising on space.

Safe sleeping arrangement: With safety rails on the upper bunk, parents can be sure that their baby is safe while sleeping.

Versatile option: depending on the model, the bed can come with a ladder or a ladder, suitable for different preferences and ages.

Extra storage or sleeping space: The space under the bed can be used for storage or extra sleeping space, making the most of the available space.

Playful and Functional: Bunk beds add a fun element to a child’s room and serve as functional sleeping arrangements.

Cost-Effective: Bunk beds are often more affordable than buying two separate beds, making them an economical choice for families.

Encourages bonding: Sharing a room and sleeping in bunk beds can foster a sense of closeness and bonding between siblings or roommates.

Duplex Upper Bunk Beds SMM Furniture Ltd offers space-saving design, robust construction, safety features, access options, under bed space, space optimization, suitability for shared rooms, safe sleeping arrangements, versatile options, additional storage or sleeping space, stunning and functional design, cost-effectiveness, and bonding opportunities.

These features and benefits make it a practical and enjoyable sleep solution for children’s rooms or shared living spaces, providing both comfort and space optimization.


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