L-Shape Stylish Minimalist Study Room Computer Desk (CT-B017B)


L-Shape Stylish Minimalist Study Room Computer Desk (CT-B017B)


Model NoCT-B017B
Size 48″ + 30″(L) x 24″(D) x 30″(H) inch – L Shaped Corner Design
Specific Use:Computer Table, Study Table, Working Table
BrandSMM Furniture Ltd
Delivery Time10 Days
ManufactureSMM Furniture Ltd
DeliveryFree Inside Dhaka City
PaintMild steel part protected with powder coating heat paint
Product UnitPrice Per Pcs
MaterialsSheet metal 1.2mm Thickness & Laminated Board 16mm Thickness
ShipmentFree in Dhaka city
ChairExcluding Chair Price
Color, Board Color
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L Shape Stylish Minimalist Study Room Computer Desk Bd
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A modern minimalist study room in an L shape A computer Table would be ideal. People who spend a lot of time reading while working Also use laptops or computers at home or work. We are all current manufacturing professionals.

Second, these tables have a contemporary, straightforward design. It still needs a lot of polish. However, this table was built using cutting-edge equipment. Steel is the primary material used in the construction of these tables.

Thirdly, and most significantly, our clients need our tables. Each of us adjusts to the time at the table at the moment. Bangladesh is also broadly adaptable and dependable.


L-Shape Stylish Minimalist Study Room Computer Desk (CT-B017B) Features:

  • L-Shaped Design: The desk is shaped like an L to provide a roomy, multipurpose workspace. Corner setups work particularly well with this style, which maximizes available area.
  • Modern Minimalist Design: The desk’s simplistic style enhances the visual appeal of your workspace or study area.
  • Large Surface Area: You have plenty of space for your computer, research materials, and other office necessities, thanks to its generous surface area.
  • Built-in Storage: Some versions have built-in shelves or drawers that store office supplies, books, and files easily.
  • Sturdy Structure: High-quality materials and a sturdy structure guarantee the desk’s stability and durability, even under severe usage.
  • Cable management: To keep cords and wires organized and out of sight, many desks come with cable management options.


L-Shape Stylish Minimalist Study Room Computer Desk (CT-B017B) Benefits:

  • The L-shape design best uses the corners, making it an excellent option for smaller study rooms or offices.
  • Internal storage possibilities keep your workspace tidy and clutter-free to increase productivity.
  • Increased Productivity: You can work more effectively and concentrate on projects when everything is within easy reach.
  • The desk will survive everyday wear and tear because of its high-quality materials, giving you a long-term return on your investment.
  • The desk’s chic and simple design can improve the look of your study space, fostering a relaxing and motivating work atmosphere.
  • The L-shape design offers installation possibilities, including placement against walls or as a room divider.


An L-Shape Stylish Minimalist Study Room Computer Desk is the perfect option for designing a practical and beautiful workspace since it mixes usefulness with aesthetics. This desk provides the room and features to increase productivity and comfort, whether working, learning, or engaging in creative activities.


Black, Blue, White, Brown

Board Color

A.Nature, Albino OAK, Beech, Black, Burma Teak, Prome Teak, Read OAK, White


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