Storage Modern Style Constructed Twin Loft Bed Metal Silver Bunk Ladder Beds for Bedroom | BB003WT


Storage Modern Style Constructed Twin Loft Bed Metal Silver Bunk Ladder Beds for Bedroom | BB003WT

40,000.00৳ 45,000.00৳ 

Model NoBB003WT
Size78″(L) (96″ with ladder) x 48″(D) x 72″(H)
Paint TypePowder Coated
Available ColorBlack, White, Blue, Red, Grey, Orange
Delivery Time10 Days
ManufactureSMM Furniture Ltd
DeliveryFree Inside Dhaka City
MattressExcludes price of mattress
Product UnitPrice Per pcs
NotePrice Excludes sofa and table
Weight limitAbove 100 kg


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Maximizing Space with Bunk Beds A Practical Approach to Small Bedrooms
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Our space-saving bunk bed is made entirely of metal, making it sturdy. The best mild steel available is used to construct each bunk bed. Each of our bunk beds has a powder coating color, strengthening the steel and increasing its corrosion resistance.

Make your children’s play area our bunk bed. Bunk beds are being used to provide housing for employees of various businesses. From young children to prominent individuals, everyone uses it. You can order the specific model of bunk bed you require from our selection of designs. You can order the particular model of bunk bed you need from our selection of designs. We distribute and organize all our products, so the customer doesn’t have to, also for our post-sale support.

  • Key Features of Our Bunk Bed : 
  • Our bunk bed is expertly crafted to optimize vertical space, making it ideal for rooms with limited floor area. Our bunk bed is built with high-quality materials and ensures sturdiness and longevity, providing a safe and reliable sleeping solution. The versatile design allows you to easily separate the bunk bed into two individual beds, offering flexibility as your needs change.
  • Our bunk bed ensures safety for upper and lower bunks by providing secure bars and a sturdy ladder. Some models of our bunk bed feature built-in storage drawers or shelves, providing convenient space for storing toys, books, and other essentials. Choose various finishes to match your decor, from classic wood tones to modern and vibrant colors. The bunk bed offers ample under-bed clearance, allowing for extra storage or a cozy study nook.
  • Benefits of Our Bunk Bed :
  • Our bunk bed’s vertical design frees up valuable floor space, creating an open and spacious feel. Perfect for siblings or sleepovers, our bunk bed accommodates multiple sleepers while conserving space. Investing in our bunk bed provides a cost-effective way to accommodate multiple sleepers without needing additional beds. Having a bunk bed together helps siblings or friends feel more connected to one another.
  • Our bunk bed is made simple, making the process hassle-free. Style Variations: You can alter the bunk bed’s appearance to match the aesthetics of your space by choosing from a range of available finishes. Guardrails and a solid ladder guarantee a secure resting area for all users.
  • The bunk bed’s capacity to be divided into two separate beds allows for flexibility as your needs change. Built-in storage drawers or shelves add practicality, keeping the room organized and minimizing clutter.
  • In conclusion, our Bunk Bed combines space-saving functionality with durability and safety, making it a versatile and practical choice for shared bedrooms or rooms with limited space. With customizable finishes and the ability to convert into separate beds, it offers a long-lasting solution that evolves with your family’s needs. Elevate your living space while ensuring a comfortable and secure sleeping arrangement.

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